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Cândida Borges is a Brazilian contemporary musician and transmedia artist – pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, performer, educator and Scholar. Nowadays she is a PhD Candidate in Arts at Plymouth University (UK, 2018). As an educator, Cândida has been an Associate Professor of Music for the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) since 2009, and an invited Professor for international institutes, workshops, festivals and universities. She holds Bachelors degree (2000) and Masters degree (2005) in Music/ Piano Performance from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and Specialization in Electronic Music Production by SAE Institute NYC (2013). Classically trained, she has been making music for films, ballet, theater, collaborations with DJs and producers worldwide. NYC based for a multicultural environment exploration in her PhD project, she has been exploring in arts the subjects of migration, borders and new techonology art. Her works can be known at and


GABRIEL MARIO VÉLEZ (Medellín, Colombia)

Dean of the Antioquia University School of Arts, Gabriel Mario is a visual and interdisciplinary artist, professor, and researcher from Colombia. Post-doctor from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina, 2011), Doctor/Master of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain, 2004) and Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Antioquia (Medellín/ Colombia, 1993). He teaches at the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs of Arts of the University of Antioquia, as well as a guest Professor for some other international programs. His artworks have been exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions, with special representation in Latin America at the Museum of Modern Arts in Medellín, the School of Cine of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and at the Artistic Development Center of Havana (Cuba). His artistic projects have been awarded worldwide and his texts have been published in books and magazines, such as the best-seller book “Photography as a Magical Device” (University of Medellín Press), “The Minimal Stories of the Anonymous Passerby” (Antioquia University Press), and “The death of subject and emerging subjectivity” (Cordoba University Press), presenting results from his postdoctoral thesis. His curriculum includes international conferences, awards, and nominations, as well as curations, social and artistic projects development and coordination. Among his main artistic projects, the “Transeuntes Medellín” and “Transeuntis Mundi” have been exhibited worldwide and was awarded funds from the City of Medellín and Antioquia University.s well as curations, social and artistic projects development and coordination.




Esteban Henao – Sonora Ingeniaria (Medellín, Colombia)


Lívia Borges – NGO Casa de Arte e Cultura (Portugal)

Mônica Behague – Canto da Viração Produções (Brasil)