What is the TM project?

The Transeuntis Mundi Project proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, cultures and cities to tell the story of the millennial passersby that has been crossing the world. In this way, it currently portrays the diversity of 4 countries from 4 continents and generates an archive of human cultural heritage to be watched nowadays and by future generations.

Ready for a trip to four continents from your place?

The Transeuntis Mundi Project uses emerging technologies

to create immersive artistic experiences.

Exhibition | Exposición | Exposição

An immersive art installation that presents virtual reality, projections,

sound sculptures, performance and concerts.

Virtual Reality | Realidad Virtual | Realidade Virtual

Through virtual reality, the visitors take part on a tour with stories around the world. In this current version, we travel to seven cities in England, the United States, Colombia and Brazil.

Talks and Workshops

About Arts and other specialized topics, such as migration, technology and transmedia composition.

Immersive Concert | Concierto Inmersivo| Concerto Imersivo

For Schools | Para Escuelas | Para Escolas

Artistic Residencies

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Expanding the Map

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