Press NOV 2019

Immigrant Artists present work in virtual reality about migration in New York and Miami

After passing by Colombia and London, the project will be presented in the US.

Human mobility is theme for the installation “Transeuntis Mundi” – an immersive work including virtual reality, sound and video installation about the millennial diasporas and migrations that formed a transcultural and transnational humanity. A work that maps human cultural heritage in 4 countries or 4 continents – Brazil, Colombia, US and UK – chosen for its force representing the blend of cultures and genetics. 

The work will be presented in the Art Context Miami Exhibition and at the Rochester Institute of Technology/ NY in the newt days.

The work is created by the Brazilian Artist and NYC based Cândida Borges and the Colombian Artist Gabriel Mario Vélez. The research that bases this work is developed by Cândida at Plymouth University (UK) as her PhD thesis and at the Universidade de Antioquia (Colombia), where  Cândida and Gabriel are researchers of Arts, Science and Technology.


The project was launched last September in Colombia at the International Festival of Books and Culture, where over 2,500 people visited the artwork. Simultaneously, it was presented in London (UK) at the conference “Digital Research in Humanities Arts 2019”. The project is now touring in exhibitions and conferences about technology and arts.

*Pictures by Gabriel Mário Velez.


Cândida Borges is a musician and transmedia artist from Brazil, based in NYC. Gabriel Mario Velez is a Colombian visual artist, director and performer. They partnered in 2018 to develop a larger research on arts creation and social sciences dialogue around the theme of diasporas, specially from Latin America. Both artists are scholars, artists and reseachers at the Universidad de Antioquia and the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Their websites: and


ART CONTEXT MIAMI – Dec 7th and 8th, Miami/FL.

Symposium 2019- Rochester Institute of Technology – Nov 22nd.

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