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3D sound and imageTo be watched with headphones and preferably with VR Headsets. In the computer, touch the video and slide it to rotate and experience the interactive 3D audio and image.

*Español / *Português

Transeuntis Mundi is a journey through transcultural and transnational humanity and geography. It is presented as an immersive installation, powered by virtual reality, projection mapping, sound sculptures and performative actions, the audience is able to transit through places and ethnicities.

The Transeuntis Mundi Project proposes to capture the sound and visual memory of peoples, cultures and cities to tell the story of the millenials passersby crossing the world. In this way, it portrays diversity, mobility and generates an archive of human cultural heritage, which circulates worldwide in a performative installation with immersive image and sound.

Its methodology employs the documentation with immersive technology of pedestrians around the world. From this archive, starts a process of creation of virtual reality works, videos, photographs, sound landscapes, musical compositions and performance, with the aim to immerse the observer / spectator into an experience beyond their space and time of existence. In short, it is a combination of knowledge, innovation and poetics, mediated by transmedia technology,  capable of generating a set of works supported by the processes of artistic research.