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The Transeuntis Mundi project conducts artistic and specialized lectures and workshops, debating on relevant and updated issues related to the investigation of the work developed. The project has an interdisciplinary team that creates a broad and complementary approach on the topics discussed.


WALKSCAPES – Walking as an esthetic practice for field recording

This workshop presents the methodology of the Transeuntis Mundi Project as a creative tool for audiovisual and performance projects. The practice of Walkscapes, proposed by the Italian architect Francesco Careri, leads to an exploration of the city, architectures, cultures and personalities, in an immersive and creative approach. In this workshop, it will be presented the parameters and manuals of collaborative recordings to guide the elements of artistic and technical creation.

Dnarchive: An artistic Experience about time, migration and ancestrality

Looking back hundreds of generations, how would things sound like music? How would they move in space and time? Also, how can the past anticipate the future and the future anticipate the past? In this composition workshop, the audience is invited to investigate images, objects, movements and sounds that are stored in your DNA as memories, impressions, forms and stories. This workshop is an invitation to identity and memory, which aims to produce material for future interdisciplinary compositions, performances and installations.

Audio and video edition in 360º technology

This workshop explores the creation of 3D audiovisual content, examining the processes of pre-production, production and postproduction of audio and video content in 360º. It contains a theoretical and practical approach, from the history of immersive technology to the practice of recording, editing and publishing a project. This course has advanced technical requirements for its realization. Consult the technical plan.

Conferences and Specialized Workshops

Some possible topics, ministered by a transdisciplinary team:

  • New communication technologies and technological innovation
  • Art and culture
  • Global and migration policy
  • Social inclusion and accessibility
  • Migration and sustainability
  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Social Innovation
  • Technology for interactive education
  • Pedagogies and didactics for creativity
  • Creativity as a transdisciplinary tool