13th Medellín Book and Cultural Festival

Medellín is the first Latin American city to receive the installation “Passage: feet on the ground” of the Transeuntis Mundi Project. Invited work of the 13th Medellín Book and Culture Festival – whose theme is “Expeditions” – they share the idea of traveling and exploring the world – through the art of books and exhibitions.

The installation consists of four experiences that are integrated to generate a performative immersion.

The work “Transeuntes Medellín” presents images of the photographic archive made in the streets of Medellin in the 70’s by local photographers. It consists of projections on a real scale and the stories of the “minimal stories of the anonymous passerby”, which can be heard in the installation space.

Transeuntis Mundi’s research collects environments from cities around the world looking for elements that reflect transculturality. The project is interested in the themes of identity, history and legacy of human cultures.

The recordings were made using 360 technology to give the public the possibility to interact with the work and to experiment immersion to the documented place. The participant can access the landscape, their people and many other elements of everyday life.

The work is presented using virtual reality masks, allowing the transit, in this version, through 4 countries of the world: Brazil, England, United States and Colombia. In Brazil, there are recordings in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi. In Colombia, recordings in Medellín and Bogota. In England, recordings in Plymouth and London, and in the US, of New York City.

The sound installation of the exhibition brings together the soundscapes of these same places, spatialized to the 4 cardinal points, achieving the immersive experience.

At the end of the virtual reality experience, the participant is invited to leave his/her mark, depositing a handful of land and registering their place of origin in a selection of local stones. In this way, they participate in the elaboration of a mandala in the center of the installation.

The concert

On the last day (Sunday 15), a closing concert will be held, in which a sound and visual performative concert features works by composers from four continents. Authors composed their works from their cultural and local influences, mixed with the archive of the Transeuntis Mundi Project. A transcultural and transnational concert.

Discover the places of the recordings:

COLOMBIA – Medellin City

  1. Palacio de la Cultura, Medellin.
  2. Palacio Nacional y Parque Botero, Medellín.

COLOMBIA – Bogotá City

  1. Plaza de Bolívar, Bogotá.
  2. Parque de los Periodistas Gabriel García Márquez, Bogotá.

BRAZIL – Niteroi City

  1. Sunday Fair at Campo de São Bento.
  2. Folkloric Presentation “Bumba meu boi” at Campo de São Bento.

BRAZIL – Rio de Janeiro City

  1. Praça Mauá, close to Future Museum, Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Urca Beach, Urca.

ENGLAND – London City

  1. In front of the Tate Modern Museum and the Thames river, Bankside.
  2. In front of the gardens of the Buckingham Palace, in front of the queen’s residence.

ENGLAND – Plymouth City

  1. Plymouth Hoe, in front of the Atlantic ocean.
  2. Between the Sundial Plaza and the Royal Parade, Downtown Plymouth.


  1. Bethesda Terrace, at Central Park.
  2. Sunday musical presentation at Bethesda Font, at Central Park.

Transeuntis Mundi is a creation of the Brazilian artist Cândida Borges and the Colombian Gabriel Mario Vélez. In development since 2018, the work begins an international transhumance, visiting other cities of the world with its installation and concert.

The installation is also on Facebookand Instagram. Share your visit and impressions with #transeuntismundi